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Product Introduction

Make a pot out of pure technology, and seek the science and technology and civilization from the source of food

Nitriding process of plain iron

Relying on the excellent structure of crystalline phase iron
and the advantage of ion nitriding process

Fine cooking process

In the inner pot body structure design of h-s-h buffer layer
heat transfer heat transfer heat storage

Black Diamond nonstick process

Adopt healthy and environmental black water non stick
material and tightly designed bottom pot layer.

Non sticking process of medical stone

Medical stone non stick process adopts high quality
medical stone,non stick material

Latest Product Display

My company's main products are cast iron enamel wok, refined iron wok, non oil non stick pan, do not rust wok, frying pan, soup pot, all kinds of stainless steel
products such as cookware series products, nearly two hundred kinds of varieties and specifications.